Monday, 22 March 2010

Screen Grabs

This screen shot is of our final Logo music in garage band along with the actual clip.

This screen shot is of one of our titles in photoshop.

This is a screen shot of the logo in final cut.

This is our folder on the Mac, and it shows all of our research and work.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010



Final cut - Final layout

This is a screen grab of our final layout on final cut. It basically shows the footage, music and titles.

What we changed - from looking a the rough cut.

From looking at our Rough Cut, we decided we had to change loads for our final thriller:
- We changed the titles, as they were really hard to read and they also went way to fast, so we changed the titles to white and placed them better.
- We also had some bad cuts which we had to change, and also removed some of the footage we didn't need (because they looked pointless and made it so people didn't understand the plot.
- We also removed all the background sound and added our music in, which made it a lot better.
- And faded everything up and down.
- Also the title was added in at the end of the clip.
- We also decided to add some Video Transitions (cross dissolve).

Friday, 12 March 2010

Thursday, 11 March 2010


- good transitions before shots
- sunglasses shot (use of sunglasses)
- good technique of building suspense
- long shots
- good plot

- some shots aren't steady
- titles are hard to read in some places
- some shots are to blurry

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Monday, 8 March 2010

Filming - How it went?

We did ur filimg on the 3rd of March and i would say it went well, we walked around cambridge for a while looking for the right location, and went down a lot of the streets, we finally found the right kinda street and started shooting, it was handly doing it down a street because not many people walked down there to get in the way, apart from some, so we had to shoot it a couple of times. We done our couple of scenes quite quickly, and they looked ok.

While we was there we got a new shot, which was the one where we are shoting from the reflection on the stalkers glasses, we really liked how this shot went, and thought it looked really creepy. We also got a kinda freaky looking shot of the victim looking into the glasses, which we are going to use. The first shots came out really well, where the victim was walking out of her doorway to walk to college. There was also another shot we did where the filmer walked with the camera and followed the victim as if it was the stalker following her.

We did have some problems with things in the backgrounds of the shot, we got peoples feet in the back ground and sometimes even the tripod. But luckily we had enough film to cut them out.
the next part we had to do was the school scene which we never got round to doing properlly because not everyone was at school on the day we planned to do it, and forgot part of the costumes. So we did a rough cut of these scenes and added them to our draft, and when we are allowed the cameras, we are going to do it again. We also never did our scene in the house where we zoomed in to one photo, so we also have to do this scene.

We ended up changing so we didnt get on the bus, as we thought this would cause loads of problems and the bus stops are in really busy places, so we just filmed her coming out of her house and walking down the street.

Overall, our filming so far went good, and we think we can deffinatly use all of it. We just need to get our extra scenes.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Photos of our locations

These are photos from our town location, down a street and also we took some from the angles we was shooting from, including our shot where it is a close up on the stalkers glasses (the reflection).

1. Down the street we was down and you
can also see the door way that we used. to the left of jack.

2. We picked this photo because its kind of stalker-ish.

3. This photo is of the street we was filming down, and laura and harry.

4. This is a photo of the refection in the classes, we got a picture to see which angle we needed to put the camera at. and also for our still shots.

Monday, 1 March 2010

logo overview

i think the logos for 'the persuit' have shown improvemnts each upload and that they are developing into a professional looking standard. i think that logo 5, is very simular to the logo used for resident evil, a horror type thriller company for movies and video games.

However i think that our peruit logo works better for our idea as the 'noise' image effect on the logo gives it an edge.

the persuit 5

creepy alley location.

this is a creepy little alleyway in cambridge that we can use for one of our stalking moments.
it would look better at night but there is no street lamps so you would not be able to see the actors very well.

The persuit 4

Logo 3

Ideas for lighting....

Outside our lighting will obviously be what ever the days like, but hopefully it will be gloomy, and not raining.... or maybe that would be a good effect, but we will have to be careful with the camera and have a umbrella.

In the school we will also use the natural light that comes into the school and when she gets off the bus.

The only one we can look at carefully is the bedroom lighting, we will try and make it dark and a bit creepy, the bedroom walls in my bedroom are red, so this could add to the effect.
I'm thinking of getting some shots of this bedroom shot in hand. So i can show the group what they think. And then adding them to this blog post.

COSTUME ideas - Stalker.

Stalker -
we need really scary looking clothes for our stalker, so we was thinking about having a hoodie then a leather jacket and just jeans. We thought of just dressing him in black because it would make him look more scary and also creepy, he will have his hood up, so it looks like he is hiding his face. And also he will be holding a photo in his pocket of the young girl.

COSTUME ideas - Victim.

victim costume is just casual school clothes as she is going to college and just wearing what she would normally wear to school, we are dressing her in a black school jumper, black jeans and plimsolls. She will also have a school bag.

We will also have people in the background wearing black jumpers?

Planning List - For Equiptment

we have planned to film on this Wednesday because we have the day off. And everyone is free, we plan to do all of our outside college stuff, and then on the next day (Thursday) do our School scenes, so that we have it all for the next week.

- Tripod

- Camera for filming

- Camera for still shots

- Photos for the bedroom

- Characters outfits

we need to catch a bus to the college at some point to...
so we will need bus passes.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Monday, 22 February 2010